Murder at Malfoy Manor
Author Sophiax
Story Information
Summary Lucius Malfoy is found murdered at his home during a hunting weekend. The Trio, along with Ginny, Draco, Narcissa, Snape, Dumbledore and Voldemort each have their reasons for wanting Malfoy dead. But will they solve the mystery in time? Parody of Clue. Author's Notes: Consider this AU: it takes place in the summerbefore the Trio's seventh year, but the events of HBP did not happen i.e. Dumbledore is alive, they aren't off hunting Horcruxes, etc. But hey, even Voldemort shows up to this soiree, that's why it's labeled as Mystery/Parody! Expect some very non-standard ships, as well. A note about the structure: the point-of-view will shuffle between six or seven different people, separated by those neat little lines. In that way, it will be like the film, Clue, for those of you who have seen it. I hope it's not too confusing! One more thing: some people may drift a little out-of-character, but that is deliberate. It's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, humourous, what have you.
Pairing Draco/Ginny
Genre Mystery
Second Genre Parody
Era Post-Hogwarts
Character Draco Malfoy
Character 2 Ginny Weasley
Length 65716 words
Rating T
Status Complete
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