The /r/HPfanfiction wiki is a free and open database of Harry Potter fanfiction. It was created for and by members of the /r/HPfanfiction community, but everyone is invited to contribute!

The intent of this wiki is to not only gather a collection of the best that fanfiction has to offer, but also to provide a free and easy-to-use space where fans can share fic recommendations and reviews.

Browsing the wikiEdit

This wiki provides many ways for you to find new reading material. All fics on the wiki are placed in several categories (such as genre, main character, and story length), which can be browsed by using the top navigation or by exploring Category:Fanfiction. To narrow your browsing to two categories, use the CategoryIntersection search. You can also take a look at our themed lists or user-made lists and see if anything catches your eye! On the other hand, if you haven't got anything particular in mind, try your luck by clicking "Random page" in the top menu and see what you come up with!

We encourage you to go ahead and leave reviews on fic pages to let others know what you thought of the story. This will be useful to others and will help the wiki weed out low-quality stories. Eventually, we plan to implement "Best Of" lists, which will include the stories considered highest quality by readers.


Want to help out? Here are some ideas on where to start!

  • Write story reviews in the comment section of fic pages.
  • Give feedback, ask questions, or share ideas for the wiki at the forums.
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