Author Shezza
Story Information
Summary So here's a Harry that… has normal male nightmares, wasn't abused by his Uncle, can't cook, hates being called 'pup', did NOT try to commit suicide, doesn't stutter when Sirius is mentioned, sure as hell isn't the Heir to the founders and Merlin, doesn't use his penis as a wand, punches a goblin in the face, doesn't own any secret family vaults, definitely doesn't find Bellatrix attractive and didn't find out that Dumbledore was manipulative and diguise himself to sneak off to Diagon Alley where he didn't buy an illegal Time Turner and Dark Arts books from Knocturn Alley.
Pairing None
Genre Humor
Second Genre Parody
Era Hogwarts
Character Harry Potter
Length 10826 words
Rating T
Status Complete
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