This list is very much a work in progress. I don't really keep track of the fics I read, so the ones listed here are mostly just my top picks from my favorite authors.

My top overall recommendationsEdit


A brilliant fic that takes place in the afterlife. The setting is marvelous and the concept is the most original I have ever come across in fan fiction. Definitely give this a shot! And check out Toujours Padfoot's other stories, too.

My favorite Dramione ficsEdit

The FalloutEdit

A dark, powerful fic about how Draco and Hermione cope with war. See the review I posted on the fic page for more details!

Canon- and epilogue-compliant ficsEdit

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter MellowEdit

A very sweet one-shot about that strange-smelling perfume in OotP.

Friends Friends FriendsEdit

One-shot about Luna's ceiling. Very touching and sweet. KatieBell70 is one of those rare writers capable of writing Luna as a person rather than a caricature.

Painted BlindEdit

I could never really understand Fleur or the relationship between her and Bill until I read this fic. It's a wonderful look at Bill's feelings for Fleur as their relationship progresses. TenthWeasley is marvelous at conjuring little moments and turning them into powerful and memorable snippets that wiggle their way into your headcanon.


The BraceletEdit

A strange and interesting Dramione fic. I haven't placed it as a Dramione rec because, oddly enough, this fic stands out for me not because of the Draco/Hermione relationship, but because of the characterization of Theo Nott. Let me just say, it is awesome. AkashaTheKitty is a master of Dramione, but for me, the Dramione in this story pales in comparison to the Theo. I am honestly very upset that AkashaTheKitty doesn't seem to be planning on writing any more Theo, but this story still provides a decent amount of Theo. Seriously, just read this for the Theo. The Dramione, the plot, blah blah blah -- that stuff's nicely done and all, but really, it's irrelevant. It's all about the Theo.

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