Requirements for this theme:

  1. Canon!Harry travels to another universe where the situation is different to the original universe.
  2. Canon!Harry can travel physically (his body travels with him) or mentally (Harry's mind is transferred to the Alternate!Harry's body).
  3. The fact that Harry traveled universes needs to be the main plot device, usually (but not always) centering on how to return to his own universe.

This theme does NOT include:

  1. Stories about Harry time-traveling and changing events, thus causing an alternate universe. The alternate universe must have already changed from the canon!verse in some other fashion before Harry arrives.
  2. Stories about events that happen to Harry which cause an alternate universe. For example, this theme does not include stories where Harry was kidnapped by Voldemort as a child, or where Harry was sorted into Slytherin.
  3. Stories placed in worlds that are not canon. For example, this theme does not apply if the story occurs in a Muggle version of the canon world.
  4. Stories about any character other than Harry traveling to the alternate universe.

Similar themes are:

  1. Not yet created.

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