• Drdavehere

    Even though only three of us have been doing anything, things seem to be going well. I have to leave ATM, but I'll continue contributing in my free time.

    EDIT: Ok, I cant find the textbook im supposed to hand in, I guess I'm staying here!

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  • Felicitations

    Hello all! I'm excited about this.

    So, I've been thinking about the best way to structure this thing, and here's what I'm thinking...

    I. Every story has its own page. These pages will contain summaries, ratings, and other information directly provided by the author, plus any pertinent information that is mostly or totally objective (like violence warnings or completion status). These pages will have some kind of outside rating widget or poll (unsure exactly what that'd look like) which would allow readers to rate the story out of five stars or whatever. Readers would leave their reviews in the comment section.

    II. Stories will be placed into categories. A few category possibilities:

    1. By rating (G/PG/T/M, or whatever rating system works best) …

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